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Working on the new official website

Working on the new official website

After five years since the creation of the brand and the official website of Citric Hotels, it's time to improve it.

A web that once was thought to be growing and list hotels in the Balearic Islands, as they were growing, via renting owning or collaborating with partners, this has already achieved the goal and has given shelter temporarily hotels like Vent de Mar, Apartments in Soller and Port de Soller, Mallorca Palma Hostal, now we focus on the best, the one and only Citric Hotel Soller, the one We manage directly and which have improved their facilities during these years.

We think that after redecorating rooms, reform bathrooms, and complete comprehensive reforms in rooms, it is the time that the website also reflects an improvement in design and functionality.

Here we leave some images of what will soon be the new official website Hotel Citric Sóller.

citric hotel room 1

We hope you will be satisfied with not only the room you had or will have in the hotel, but as Well as the hotel is seing on the Internet, be patient this to reach approximately coinciding with the re opening of the hotel in March 2015 and remember that you will still finding the best prices, the best sea view rooms and exclusive extras on this Citric Hotel Soller official web site.