Citric Sóller

Located in the heart of the mountains

Puerto de Sóller

Puerto de Sóller


The Citric Hotel is Located in Majorca Island on a privileged and lovely setting of the Port of Soller by the sea ,the Citric Hotel Soller is the first hotel to receive the sun, a quiet place, next to the Soller beach Can Repic. It has unbeatable views of the sea and the Bay of Soller. From the hotel you can walk or bike to get to the fishing pier or take a stroll by the sea. Easy access to the town of Sóller can catch one of the oldest trams of Spain and the only one in the Island of Mallorca has been operating since October 4, 1913, just 4 minutes from the hotel. You can also going for a different excursions around the valley and trought the Tramuntana mountains or stop to enjoy the stunning sea views from the lighthouse.

The Soller Port it has 465 berths, 164 of which are dedicated to transit vessels.

In the Port you can visit the Museo del Mar (Museum of the Sea, former Oratory of St Catherine), building devoted to the history of sailing. Eventually used to host fairs, conventions or concerts such as the last Hiking Conference, or the traditional Classical Music Festival, this stately home overlooks the whole bay and posesses a sightseeing point to the sea, where you can enjoy of the views to the open sea.

This museum is framed in Santa Catalina quarter, fishermen’s typical dwelling where you will be able to breath the historic breeze of the village. Its narrow and steep streets offer quiet spots and astonishing views of the bay.

Muleta Lighthouse is a beautiful and modest building which tower was built in 1842 by Sóller’s Town Council, but was never enlightened. It was given to the Public Works Ministry in 1852. The Muleta shelter, just behind the lighthouse, was opened february the 20th, 1859. The present building of the Muleta shelter is a former radiotelegraphic station situated in cape Gros is dated back to 1912 that worked until 1953. Both interesiting buildings are close to the Citric Hotel Sóller. You can reach them walking, in approximately 30 minutes.

If you feel like hiking, you can go up to the Torre Picada. It’s a defensive tower built in the 17th Century, erected to defend the island from potential attacks from the sea. It’s located 160 meters high over the sea and is in an excellent state of preservation.

Port de Sóller: the beauty of its bay and the sound of waves make us feel like we were in the remote 18th Century, time when most of its infrastructures were built. But the history of the Port surely goes back further, to the first dwellers on the island, because it has a privileged deffensive setting.

Two of the most popular beaches around the Port are Calobra and Cala Tuent. Creeks that still have the taste of the most primitive and authentic Mallorca, are accessible by road or by boat or hiking.

Cala Tuent is about 40 kilometers from the port and beach is mixed sand and rocks, surrounded by pine forests, shaded Balearic highest peak, Puig Major (1445m high). On foot, the beautiful tops Sa Coast route, which can be started at the Mirador de Ses Barques, a beautiful hill above the harbor.

Sa Calobra is a beach that may seem otherworldly. Wedged between two high cliffs to the sun gilds and shines with a special light is 38 miles from Soller. The access road, though laborious, is a visual treat, and if you decide to walk, we recommend you walk the route des Torrent Pareis (Caution: This is a route for experienced hikers and is not accessible all year).

For directions to both, ask in reception or in the local tourist office. Reception will find brochures for excursions and ship schedule.

From our hotel, built in a privileged location in one of the ends of the bay, you can enjoy a nice walk along the coast. You will find, waiting for you, beaches (both of sand and stones), the Sóller Tram (that started working in 1913), lots of terraces where to taste a menu, a drink or some tapas with the sound of waves in the background...

The Port of Sóller is a place that invites to relax, a calm place but with an interesiting offer of night leisure. The traditional market of the Port takes place every thursday morning. Along the stands, locals will offer you food from their orchards and vegetable gardens, bazar objects, clothing or craftsmanships.

If you enjoy hiking, you could take a walk to Muleta Lighthouse (Faro de Muleta). Our Citric Hotel has an unrivalled setting for this route, and there, apart from the sights, you can find a mountain shelter where it is possible to spend the night, a restaurant and the natural beauty of Tramuntana, recently declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

You could also take a nice walk to Deià, a monumental village that drinks from the bay but anchors on the mountains. This path is quite easy to walk, and you will surely find some animal and vegetable heritage characteristic to the Tramuntana environment.