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5 preferred location

5 preferred location

One of the greatest privileges for all those who live or visit the island of Mallorca is the possibility to watch the Mediterranean sea from multiple locations.

The following article recommend five points in the majestic Sierra de Tramuntana which merges with the Mediterranean sea, we focus specifically at locations in Sóller Port.

Views you never forget , because the natural landscape.

Old Oratory of St Catalina at the end of the district with the same name , the former fishing village of Puerto de Soller, where remodeling Sea Museum was installed a few years ago where there is an exceptional viewpoint from the cliff , it is recommended to reach the place walking.

The Muleta Hut on the other end of the bay of Sóller Port is a mountain hut located on the road that runs along the dry stone route from Deià to Lluc, the terrace of this shelter is the best place to watch the sunsets all year .

Climb to the top of the es Travesin Puerto de Sóller located in the center of Soller Bay Street begins on the seafront is located on the corner with ses Oliviers Restaurant, you can always walk up the road ascending there are about 20 minutes walk is recommended to arrive at the highest point from which views can spot a bird almost Soller bay and the spectacular natural bay and see how shell is it.

The terrace of Citric Hotel Sóller located towards the Muleta Lighthouse at the left hand facing the sea, is the most accessible of all views discussed here, a luxury for guests who sleep at the hotel, and for anyone who wants to have breakfast, is the first place where the sun rise on the bay, and from this point you have a view of the fishing port, the mountains rising on, and the bay beaches including can Repic . Evenings or , nights of summer is definitely the best place to dine or have a drink, the sea breeze handles acclimate the place.

Muleta lighthouse in Sóller is the highest of the bay, in charge of guiding the boats in their access to the port, also guides visitors to the harbor for the first time on are accessed via the road along the coast, behind the Playa den Repic and walking past the Hotel Citric from this point is not only currency but also the departure bay to sea walk is recommended since there is no much parking space.