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Guide 5 places to relax in Sóller, Mallorca

Guide 5 places to relax in Sóller, Mallorca

When you're looking for is avoidance, relaxation and nature this is your area, nothing better than a stay in Sóller at least 5 nights where you can change the work routine and accumulated stress, in to calm, peace and tranquility.

First, start the day with a tasty breakfast by the sea on the terrace of Citric Hotel Soller where the first rays of sun loaded you natural energy while watching the sway that causes waves in small boats moored in the bay.

Second Jumeirah Hotel's SPA where a warm and bathed in natural light, will discover countless treatments to relax and tone up. It is a luxurious retreat located on top of a cliff that offers next-generation treatments for discerning.

Third, when one thinks of relaxation and rest you can come to his mind an extremely quiet, and this can certainly be the Sóller Cementery, a place worth visiting for their sculptures, its verdant surroundings near the mountain, its sea views, and quiet.

peacefull soller

Fourth, do not miss the closeness to the Faro de Muleta be treated to the most stunning sunsets from the Port of Soller, you can get a walk to the refuge there near the Muleta lighthouse and from there see sunset.

Fifth recommended place to relax is the decline crutch lighthouse road to the port of Soller, spectacular luminosity that this fishing village clamshell offered in the late afternoon, and get back on the terrace of Citric Hotel Soller, where the evening sky and sea melts, in the Sierra de Tramuntana, finish the day with a good gin and tonic.

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